Keukenhof, Tulip Fields and Dutch History

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  Keukenhof, Tulip Fields and Dutch History   Spring is almost here and there’s really no better place for observing it in its full bloom than at the garden of the Netherlands, Keukenhof. It’s not an excursion we do frequently: the Dutch of us, Lydian, has in fact never even been here until our visit in 2014, and for the Amsterdam expat, Pal, this … Read More

Art Nouveau in Riga – Heritage From a Golden Era

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Latvia Art Nouveau in Riga

  Art Nouveau in Riga Heritage from a Golden Era Latvia’s capital Riga has many reasons for priding itself as a city of culture and good looks: it has one of the best-preserved and most charming historic centres in Europe, with lots of majestic medieval buildings, cute romantic streets and alleyways, beautiful parks – in general an atmosphere made for visitors … Read More

24-hours in Bologna, Italy In Pictures

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Bologna 24 hours

24-hours in Bologna, Italy A Photo Essay We admit it. 24 hours in the beautiful medieval city of Bologna is hardly enough to get to know the city well. Yet, we’re also happy to tell you that in case you only have this limited amount of time, you can actually get quite a good feel for the city by just wandering around the … Read More

Discover Vienna Art Scene, Tips For Art and Culture Lovers

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Discover vienna art scene tips for art and culture lovers

Discover Vienna Art Scene Tips for Art and Culture Lovers While wandering through the city centre of Vienna and discovering its vibrant art scene, I couldn’t help but wonder if this city could actually beat Paris from a cultural and art point of view. While I leave the answer up for discussion here, I do consider that the Austrian capital deserves … Read More

Weekend Destination Ghent – Guide to a Beautiful City with a Strong Character

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Yes, you can admit it, the first places coming to mind when thinking about visiting Belgium are Brussels, since it’s the capital after all, Bruges, since this is Belgium city-tourism condensed into a medieval centre hard to leave, and then probably Antwerp, maybe because “diamonds are girls’ best friends”. We believe it’s time to open up the eyes for another gem … Read More

Valencia’s Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias – The “Mini-City” in Pictures

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Valencia's Ciudad de las Artes | City of Sciences

  Valencia’s Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias The “Mini-City” in Pictures     Valencia’s Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias (in the local Valencian Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències) looks like something you’ve never seen before, a dreamlike area sprinkled with the most fantastic architectural creations. The whole complex feels like being brought here from … Read More

Salvador Dali’s Catalonia – A Guide to the Dalinian Triangle

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The Dalinian Triangle Salvador Dali’s Universe in Catalonia The ones familiar with Salvador Dali’s surrealistic art may easily get curious about the artist himself, even wishing to get to know this extraordinary man more in depth, an artist who not only got synonymous with surrealistic art in general, but who also transformed his own reality into a surrealistic world. A … Read More

The Cube Houses of Rotterdam

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If you’ve ever been to both Rotterdam and Amsterdam, you know exactly what we mean with the big contrast between the two cities. While Amsterdam is all cute and traditional in its architecture, Rotterdam is a modern city with a totally different environment and a slightly colder feel to it. The explanation is all to be found in the Second … Read More

7 Things To Do In Montpellier, France

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The 7 must sees in Montpellier France

7 Things To Do In Montpellier, France We’ll be honest with you. Montpellier was not among the top priorities on our list of cities to visit. It was just for convenience’s sake and budget reasons that we decided to fly back home from this southern-French city, when exploring the region around Girona, Figueres and Cadaques to visit the Dalinian triangle in the northern … Read More

How To Spend A Day in Lisbon

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How to Spend 24 hours in Lisbon

How To Spend A Day in Lisbon It happened a few times now, actually almost upon every trip we take. Arriving to a new place – country, city, you name it – and we come to one and the same conclusion over and over again: “you know, it would be really fun to live here”. We’re suckers for the new, … Read More

15 Tips To Get More Out Of Your Paris Museum Visits

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15 Tips To Get More Out Of Your Paris Museum Visits Do you know this feeling too? You start your research for your weekend trip, open up your internet browser and as soon as you start searching, there are so much fun and interesting events popping up, so much practical information, that you feel kind of overwhelmed and just don’t … Read More