SECHS – Bridging The Classical With The Future

sechs amsterdam zuiderkerk

The world slowly opens up again. Art is right now showing the way through a mesmerising installation for all our senses in Amsterdam’s Zuiderkerk.

A new transcendental art installation opened up its doors in the Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam this week, a project that bridges the classical with the future.

SECHS is a concert but not quite. A light show but not only. A way of stimulating all our senses? For sure it is. SECHS is simply put an audiovisual show, a multidisciplinary instrument combining the talents and vision of multidisciplinary artist Boris Acket, composer Maarten Vos and light artist and media designer Christopher Bauder.

Bringing its energy from the past, being based on Bach’s 6th cello suite, it gives the audience a chance of being lost in time and space. One second you feel the vibrations of the century-old cello pieces and the aura of Bach shines or rather sounds through. In the next moment you feel that you exist in a futuristic minimal music composition accompanied by the rhythm of the light.

The show’s chosen location in the dark space of Zuiderkerk’s inner chamber feels fully right as well. It helps with connecting the Bach influence, while being in the heart of modern-day Amsterdam.

Have you experienced anything of this kind in the past? Unlikely. After the show you know you witnessed something totally different. Everyone will likely perceive this experience differently. What we can say is, that it is unlikely that you will be disappointed. It’s a welcomed break from the norm and a good moment to open our senses for new experiences past the Covid-pandemic. It’s a way to break down the lockdown. It feels unmissable.


We advise you to take your chance and go witness it for yourself. The show is on until July 4th 2021. It is a great 45 minutes break from the daily routines. You can book your visit online. Please do not forget to use the discount code: ARTW.

Enjoy and let your senses be inspired.