Amsterdam’s Hidden Gem: Ons Lieve Heer op de Solder Church

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A Hidden Treasure of Tolerance In the Heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District You live in a city for many-many years, consider yourself a local expert knowing “everything and a bit” in town and still, occasionally you come across attractions that just makes your imaginary jaw drop. A clear sign if any that you came across a truly hidden gem. … Read More

The Global Affordable Art Fair Sensation

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AffordableArtFair Amsterdam

The Global Affordable Art Fair Sensation If you compared it to other sectors the commercial art world was backwards, I used to go around art fairs in London in my twenties and I felt I wasn’t being catered for. There I was, with no formal art training but the desire to buy art, and no one was on hand to … Read More

Amsterdam in Numbers

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Hermitage Amsterdam

Amsterdam in Numbers     What would a city be if you wouldn’t know its numbers? It’s the same with Amsterdam, the Dutch capital, so let’s see have a quick look at what the numbers have to say about this city in The Netherlands. There are 165 canals in Amsterdam. Some prettier than others, some long and some small. If … Read More