Salvador Dali’s Catalonia – A Guide to the Dalinian Triangle

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The Dalinian Triangle Salvador Dali’s Universe in Catalonia The ones familiar with Salvador Dali’s surrealistic art may easily get curious about the artist himself, even wishing to get to know this extraordinary man more in depth, an artist who not only got synonymous with surrealistic art in general, but who also transformed his own reality into a surrealistic world. A … Read More

Gaudi’s Barcelona: Catalan Art Nouveau At Large

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Gaudi Barcelona Spain

Gaudi’s Barcelona Catalan Art Nouveau At Large While gazing up the Sagrada Familia I couldn’t help myself from thinking what an ingenious mind its architect must have been. We’re standing in front of the largest construction designed by Antoni Gaudi, yet to finish. From here we will start our Gaudi Tour through Barcelona. Getting to know Gaudi The Catalan Antoni … Read More

‘Keith Haring. The Political Line’ Visits Rotterdam

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Keith Haring’s Voice from the Eighties Echoes in our Present Keith Haring. The Political Line. Rotterdam Kunsthal – September 20 2015 to February 7 2016 More than 30 years later Haring’s works return to the city where his international career once took off: in 1982 Rotterdam’s ‘Galerie ‘t Venster’ was the first ever outside the United States to show his work. Now … Read More

Banksy Exhibition in Amsterdam: His Street Art World Comes to the Lionel Gallery

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Banksy's Street Art World In Amsterdam

Banksy’s World Coming to Amsterdam Banksy – you know that famous guy from Bristol that nobody seems to know, who instigates us to think and observe our world a bit differently through his street art creations? – is in our town of Amsterdam for the coming four weeks. Maybe not in person, but definitely in spirit: the Lionel Gallery on Amsterdam’s Nieuwe Spiegelstraat arranges an unauthorised exhibition … Read More

Jeff Koons: The Retrospective – Artist or Marketeer?

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Jeff Koons: The Retrospective – Artist or Marketeer? My first memory of Jeff Koons is from the late 1980s when his “Made in Heaven” exhibition – mainly containing sexually explicit photographs and sculptures featuring himself and the Hungarian-Italian porn-star, later wife of Koons’s, Cicciolina (a.k.a Ilona Staller) – reached the news. Not only did it reach the news world of the … Read More

Art Couples – Between Romance and Heartbreaks

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Art Couples – Between Romance and heartbreaks Vincent Van Gogh once gave artists the following advice: “What is done in love is done well.“ While for Vincent love has always been a personal disappointment, there are plenty of examples where indeed creativity and love got well combined by couples who joined forces in arts and bed to accomplish great achievements. … Read More

The Clouds of Urszula Korwin Kochanowska

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The Clouds of Urszula Korwin Kochanowska  – Artist in Focus – Once in a while we come across some artworks that just stick in our minds, which make us go back for another look several times. It can be just because they make us smile through their beauty, or their simplicity, or thanks to the colours or the themes. This was also the case with the art … Read More

Selarón’s Stairs – The Story of One Man’s Accidental Life Project

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Brazil Selaron Stairs

  Selarón’s Stairs The Story of One Man’s Accidental Life Project   [ale_divider style=”thin” text=”textcenter”] Downloadable Rio de Janeiro Cultural Travel Guide for Mobile Devices [/ale_divider] Selarón’s Stairs is just one of the featured highlights in our guide to Rio de Janeiro. An in-depth presentation of the major cultural and art attractions of Rio is now available in the Art Weekenders downloadable travel guide … Read More

The Mark Rothko Center: Rothko’s Stunning Legacy In Latvia

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  The Mark Rothko Center   Rothko’s Stunning Legacy in Latvia   Located in the former Artillery Arsenal Building of the Daugavpils Fortress the venue and setting of the Daugavpils Mark Rothko Center already gives away that this is not just an art center. To the contrary, the majestic exterior of the building fully matches the interior design and artwork … Read More

The Brazilian Sculptor Brennand: Master Of Ceramic Dreams

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The Brazilian Sculptor Brennand: Master Of Ceramic Dreams   The Brazilian contemporary sculptor Brennand is likely mostly known for his large ceramic sculptures, more often than not representing  sensual surreal figures and shapes. Without having seen his work in reality you might first wonder where the 88-year old Francisco Brennand got his nickname ‘The Master of Dreams’ from. After seeing his work … Read More