Do Folklore and Folk Art Have a Place in Modern Society?

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Folklore in Modern Society

Do Folklore and Folk Art Have a Place in Modern Society? In our modern times, despite our differences and varied opinions, we are coming increasingly closer to each other, as a result of globalisation and the spread of popular media and culture via the Internet. Our worlds are getting more interlinked, international, and the individualistic expressions through fashion and design … Read More

Art Couples – Between Romance and Heartbreaks

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Art Couples – Between Romance and heartbreaks Vincent Van Gogh once gave artists the following advice: “What is done in love is done well.“ While for Vincent love has always been a personal disappointment, there are plenty of examples where indeed creativity and love got well combined by couples who joined forces in arts and bed to accomplish great achievements. … Read More

Amsterdam’s Hidden Gem: Ons Lieve Heer op de Solder Church

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A Hidden Treasure of Tolerance In the Heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District You live in a city for many-many years, consider yourself a local expert knowing “everything and a bit” in town and still, occasionally you come across attractions that just makes your imaginary jaw drop. A clear sign if any that you came across a truly hidden gem. … Read More