24-hours in Bologna, Italy In Pictures

Bologna 24 hours

24-hours in Bologna, Italy

A Photo Essay

We admit it. Twenty-four hours in the beautiful medieval city of Bologna is hardly enough to get to know the city well. Yet, we’re also happy to tell you, that when you have this limited amount of time only, you can actually get quite a good feel for the city. Just wander around the old city centre and absorb the atmosphere around you. Because that is exactly what we did, when we were in town just to catch our flight back from the TBDI (Travel Blogger Destination Italy Event) in Rimini.

Here’s our visual impression of our 24-hours visit to this charming Italian city in 24 pictures.


Bologna’s hidden canals.


Bologna has numerous of these type of arcades. Perfect to hide from the rain or the sun.

2014_Italy_Bologna_Via Piella_Window

The window on Via Piella through which you can see one of the hidden canals of Bologna , Italy.


Mural of the Italian musician and actor Lucio Dalla, who passed away in 2012.


The fountain of Neptune on the Piazza Nettuno in Bologna, Italy.


Strolling under Bologna’s arcades


Even Bologna’s door knockers are in style.

2014_Italy_Bologna_Palazzo del Podesta

Part of Palazzo del Podesta, Bologna, Italy

Bologna's back alleys.

Bologna’s back alleys.

2014_Italy_Bologna_Torre degli Asinelli

Torre degli Asinelli in Bologna, Italy

2014_Italy_Bologna Luigi Galvani 24 hours in Bologna

Statue of Luigi Galvani in Bologna, Italy


The modern version of Luigi Galvani?

2014_Italy_Bologna_Torre degli_Asinelli

Torre degli Asinelli in Bologna, Italy


Mixing the old and the new in Bologna, Italy


In every Italian city you will see thousands of scooters and motorcycle. Bologna is no different.

Italy_Bologna_Torre Prendiparte

The entrance to Torre Prendiparte in Bologna, Italy


Atmospheric hidden squares in Bologna, Italy

Italy_Bologna_24 hours in Bologna

A typical Italian scene in Bologna, Italy


Don’t forget to look up while wandering around. There are some hidden treasures high up, like this hidden fresco.


Even the design of the lamps hanging in Bologna’s streets is thought of.


In Bologna’s alleys you’ll also find plenty of restaurants.


The sign of a pharmacy in Bologna’s historical city centre.


A different type of architecture in Bologna, Italy.

Bologna-Italy-Libreria-Nanni 24 hours in Bologna

Libreria Nanni, Bologna, Italy


Have you ever been to Bologna? Did you find the city as atmospheric as we did?


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