Do Folklore and Folk Art Have a Place in Modern Society?

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Folklore in Modern Society

Do Folklore and Folk Art Have a Place in Modern Society? In our modern times, despite our differences and varied opinions, we are coming increasingly closer to each other, as a result of globalisation and the spread of popular media and culture via the Internet. Our worlds are getting more interlinked, international, and the individualistic expressions through fashion and design … Read More

Banksy Exhibition in Amsterdam: His Street Art World Comes to the Lionel Gallery

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Banksy's Street Art World In Amsterdam

Banksy’s World Coming to Amsterdam Banksy – you know that famous guy from Bristol that nobody seems to know, who instigates us to think and observe our world a bit differently through his street art creations? – is in our town of Amsterdam for the coming four weeks. Maybe not in person, but definitely in spirit: the Lionel Gallery on Amsterdam’s Nieuwe Spiegelstraat arranges an unauthorised exhibition … Read More

This Summer’s Must-See Exhibitions In Düsseldorf

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This Summer’s Must-See Exhibitions In Düsseldorf, Germany With 26 museums and over 100 galleries in town we can promise you that there’s no need to get bored in the German city of Düsseldorf. Yet, since time – and most likely your energy – is usually limited, we have selected this summer’s must-see art exhibitions in the city, which during the … Read More

Photo Festivals Europe 2015

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Photo festivals in Europe in 2015

Did you also notice that photo festivals have been popping up like mushrooms during the last, let’s say, ten years? Or at least this seems to be the case for Europe. Where art fairs are slowly getting more accessible for the general audience, photo festivals have generally attracted a larger crowd for years already, for the simple reason that photos … Read More

Jeff Koons: The Retrospective – Artist or Marketeer?

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Jeff Koons: The Retrospective – Artist or Marketeer? My first memory of Jeff Koons is from the late 1980s when his “Made in Heaven” exhibition – mainly containing sexually explicit photographs and sculptures featuring himself and the Hungarian-Italian porn-star, later wife of Koons’s, Cicciolina (a.k.a Ilona Staller) – reached the news. Not only did it reach the news world of the … Read More