Keukenhof, Tulip Fields and Dutch History


Keukenhof, Tulip Fields and Dutch History Spring is almost here and there’s really no better place for observing it in its full bloom than at the garden of The Netherlands, Keukenhof. It’s not an excursion we do frequently. …

Salvador Dali’s Spain – A Guide to the Dalinian Triangle


The Dalinian Triangle Salvador Dali’s Universe in Catalonia The ones familiar with Salvador Dali’s surrealistic art may easily get curious about the artist himself, even wishing to get to know this extraordinary man more in …

SECHS – Bridging The Classical With The Future

sechs amsterdam zuiderkerk

The world slowly opens up again. Art is right now showing the way through a mesmerising installation for all our senses in Amsterdam’s Zuiderkerk. A new transcendental art installation opened up its doors in the …


Alicante – Art a Few Steps Away from the Beach


  Alicante – Art a Few Steps Away from the Beach   Alicante is one of the Spanish cities with the oldest history to look back on. Surely no coincidence, given its excellent Mediterranean location combined with possibly …


Art Nouveau in Riga – Heritage From a Golden Era

Latvia Art Nouveau in Riga

  Art Nouveau in Riga Heritage from a Golden Era Latvia’s capital Riga has many reasons for priding itself as a city of culture and good looks: it has one of the best-preserved and most charming …

Gaudi’s Barcelona: Catalan Art Nouveau At Large

Gaudi Barcelona Spain

Gaudi’s Barcelona Catalan Art Nouveau At Large While gazing up the Sagrada Familia I couldn’t help myself from thinking what an ingenious mind its architect must have been. We are standing in front of the …

How To Spend Half A Day in Lisbon

How to Spend 24 hours in Lisbon

How To Spend Half A Day in Lisbon It happened a few times now. Actually it happens almost upon every trip we take. Arriving to a new place – country, city, you name it – …